Windows by Type

Awning Window 2


Windows with awnings swing open from a top frame hinge. This window design offers excellent ventilation, is energy-efficient, and can remain open in inclement weather. A single sash in an awning window is hinged at the top of the frame.

They have a manual handle or a folding hand crack that allows their sash to swing outward from the bottom.

Awning Window Design

For reasons of space or privacy, awning windows are frequently installed on upper walls. They can be positioned over windows or doors to offer covert natural lighting, ventilation, and an expanded view.

As breezes and strong gusts act to tighten their seal, these windows are also energy-efficient. Awning windows are ideal for letting in the cool breeze and letting out stale air while they are open.

Water can be shed out and away from the opening thanks to its top-hinge construction. Even when they are open in bad weather, awning windows can keep your interiors cozy and dry.

Available in wood, wood/clad, hybrid, and PVC.

Bay Window

The Bay window is an elegant way to add space, light, and interest to any room. It becomes a sun and heat collector on a south-facing wall, creating a cozy nook for reading and relaxing.

We can build your design in 30°, 45°, 90°, or custom angle configurations.

Bow Window

The Bow Window adds graceful, gently curving interior space and character to your home. We can make bow windows from any combination of fixed or operating casement sections with either left or right openings.

Choose from three-, four- and five-wide combinations. Bay and bow windows are available in wood, wood/clad, hybrid, and PVC.

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white and gray wooden doors and windows


Casement windows open from a side frame hinge. Their large single sash lends them a modern feel with tons of natural light.

A casement window is hinged on either the frame's left or right. Most casement windows are operated with a folding hand crank on the bottom of the frame.

Casement Window Design

Casement windows typically have a modern aesthetic, but you can add window grills or divided lite bars for a more traditional feel. Thanks to their single-sash design, these windows can offer a wide uninterrupted view, top-notch ventilation, and easy cleaning.

These are also excellent options for security and safety issues. A casement window's sash can open 90 degrees at a specific size, allowing inhabitants to use it as a backup exit in an emergency.

Available in wood, wood/clad, hybrid, and PVC.

Wood Windows


Double-hung windows feature two vertically sliding sashes held in the frame on tracks. Both sashes can open, allowing for variable ventilation. A double-hung window is a single unit made of two operable sashes that move up and down.

The sashes slide in the frame on built-in tracks and are held in position by either counterweights, springs, or friction. The sashes lock with a single or double latch where their frames meet in the middle.

Double-Hung Window Design

This window style has a more traditional aesthetic, often featuring simulated divided lites or window grids. Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows allow ventilation on the top, bottom, or both.

These windows are easy to clean, thanks to their tilting sashes. If located below a projecting eave, it may still be an option to lower the top sash of a double-hung window—even during rainfall.

Available in wood, wood/clad, and PVC


Single-hung windows have one fixed upper sash and one movable lower sash. This traditional design is energy-efficient and cost-effective. Single-hung windows look almost identical to double-hung windows.

Both have an upper and lower sash, traditional aesthetics, and are easy to operate and clean. The critical difference between these styles is that a double-hung window's top and bottom sashes are movable. Only the bottom sash works on single-hung windows.

Single-Hung Window Design

Single-hung windows are ideal for areas where the top sash might be challenging to reach.

Because of their fixed top sash, single-hung windows prevent more air infiltration than similar double-hung windows and are more energy efficient. Additionally, single-hung windows may be less expensive.

Available in wood, wood/clad, hybrid, and PVC.

wooden doors and windows with green frames


Sliding windows are windows with one or more operating sashes. They slide left or right rather than up or down like a double-hung window. We can easily remove the movable sashes on sliding windows for easy interior and exterior cleaning.

Sliding Window Design

Sliding windows give a room full of uninterrupted outdoor views and excellent ventilation. These windows are perfect for large horizontal spaces near high-traffic areas like decks or walkways.

Because their sashes don’t open past the plane of the wall, sliding windows save space and won’t damage landscaping that may be close to the house.

Other Window Products

Aside from wood, we also offer other hybrid materials, including PVC. Browse our website to see more of our products.