Offering Quality Residential Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors consist of one or more door panels that either glide open on a bottom-mounted track or hanging rollers mounted from above. The different styles of sliding doors include multi-slide doors, French doors, lift-and-slide doors, and patio doors.

Unlike swinging doors that need extra space for the panel to open, the sliding door’s panels stack. This makes them ideal for living rooms or balconies that may have furniture in the way. Exterior sliding doors are typically two or more large glass panels. Sliding doors make for massive openings that can open up a room and create a stronger sense of connection to the surrounding nature. This design is also ideal for high-traffic areas like the passageway leading to the backyard or patio during a get-together.

Patio doors are available in wood, wood/clad, PVC/hybrid.

white patio sliding doors