As one of the oldest building materials, wood provides unparalleled beauty and is a renewable resource. UPVC and aluminum have many benefits but essentially they both look the same. The breadth of wood species, stains, and finishes available provide unmatched elegance, warmth, and room for customization. It also offers good insulation and energy savings. Whether you choose minimalist birch or distinctive walnut for your build, we will work closely with you to design and craft a beautiful custom wood window in any shape for your project.

The Classic Line

For those seeking the natural beauty and appeal of wood for their project, our classic line offers modern German craftsmanship in a timeless and sophisticated look. Our Classic timber windows can be configured to match historic and traditional homes and at the same time offer the excellent insulation values of today, nearing even passive house standards. Wooden glazing bars are also available in custom configurations and the frames can be cut to both standard rectangular shapes as well as any number of forms including arches, trapezoids, circles, and more.

The Rustic Series

Trusted since the people first began building, wood offers timeless elegance and character. Despite advances in materials, architecture, and technology, wood connects us with nature and offers a coziness and beauty vinyl, metal and concrete can only dream of. Our Rustic series combines traditional style with modern fenestration technology, precision German craftsmanship, and excellent insulation properties. With the best of both the past and present, these windows can be customized to match your existing home or add warmth and liveability to your new one.

Softline Timber Windows

For those seeking the natural beauty and appeal of wood for their project, our Softline profiles combine today’s European craftsmanship with a modern and sophisticated look in timber. Wood may be one of the oldest building materials used, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Timberglazing bars are also available and the frames can be cut to any number of forms including standard square and rectangular shapes as well as arches, trapezoids, circles, and more.

Traditional/historical Style Windows

Neuffer’s line of historical windows is all custom designed and built to your specifications to carefully replicate the exact look and feel of your home. Built with the same modern technology and well known German craftsmanship as our other profiles, our traditional windows will faithfully match the older look of your home or building while offering all the advantages of today. With your exact requirements, we can custom build the same narrow sightlines, arches, segmental arch windows, and so forth that are nearly indistinguishable from the originals. With your choice of our range of woods, we will ensure your replacement windows feature the same trim, capitals, muntins, and mullions making them the ideal choice for upgrading your home’s facade, improving energy performance, and meeting historic preservation regulations.

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