Our line of high-quality uPVC windows is affordable and yet still a substantial step up in performance from typical domestic windows. With impressive insulation, long term durability and custom colour, design and hardware options, uPVC windows represent great value for money for those seeking to maximise performance on a budget. Whether replacement or new construction, energy savings or certified passive house, uPVC windows offer the flexibility and insulation values to cover any project’s needs..

The Energeto 5000

Carbon fibre reinforced Ultradur strips are at the heart of the Energeto 5000’s performance. The innovative reinforcements replace the traditional steel inserts – minimising the effect of thermal bridging. Fully bonded glazing further adds to the thermal performance, and 3-point seals offer excellent weather resistance. Security is assured with quality, low-maintenance, German fittings to provide burglary protection and peace of mind.

The Energeto 5000ED

Efficient windows are of special importance nowadays. In times of significant energy spending, the Energeto 5000ED model can help to significantly lower costs and increase efficiency. Advanced thermal insulation does not simply save money on energy bills but also helps meet current and future building regulations. This type of window is suitable for new construction, as well as for renovations. Insulate your home from the cold and rising energy prices.

The Energeto 8000

WIth its 85 mm profile depth, six chambers and carbon fibre reinforcement, the Energeto 8000 is designed for new construction whose goal is excellent insulation values, including Passive Houses. Although uPVC doesn’t begin with the same natural insulating properties as wood, advanced German engineering and manufacturing techniques enable the Energeto 8000 profile to achieve 0.78 W/m2K u-values with triple glazing and warm edge spacers. uPVC is more robust and requires little upkeep from homeowners. The use of multiple chambers and carbon fibre instead of steel make this uPVC profile both environmentally friendly and easy on your purse strings.

The Energeto 8000ED

Whether you are renovating or building, thermal insulation is an important consideration. Thermally efficient profiles must meet energy-saving regulations and reduce heating costs. The Energeto 8000ED series meets the highest requirements, including those used for passive house construction. This is made possible by innovative fibre-reinforcement and a polyurethane foam centre.

The Energeto 8000P

Aluminium and uPVC begin with naturally lower insulation properties than wood. Yet, they can far surpass both thanks to the same world renown German craftsmanship that our cars and machines are known for. UPVC windows can achieve substantially better Uw-values thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques that leave wood far behind. The 8000P can achieve 0.72 W/m2K Uw-values easily beating Passive House standards as well as all North American and European energy standards. But the Energeto 8000P doesn’t rest on its laurels as a market leader in energy-efficiency. It offers you the same extensive range of customisation options as other profiles with the entire palette of RAL colours available as well as custom hardware and profile shapes, sizes and glazing.

The IDEAL 4000

The best windows for hot climates need to have very different properties than those for cold ones. High quality uPVC windows for hot regions with lots of sunlight need to resist both intensive uv rays as well as high temperatures. UPVC’s excellent insulation properties combined with specially glazed panes provide a great barrier to the exterior environment and reduce the need for excessive cooling via air conditioning by keeping solar heat outside the home. This is measured by the SHGC, or solar heat gain coefficient. The lower a window’s solar gain, the less heat it transmits from the sun. Reducing air leakage, and thus wasting cool air, is also key. Developed specifically for the toughest areas of the world, Aluplast’s IDEAL 4000 profile is the right choice for hot climates, whether in Florida or Dubai.

The Ideal 5000S

Our Ideal 5000S profiles combine energy efficiency and affordability with the flexibility of extensive customisation to offer homeowners an excellent price-performance ratio. Available in multiple depths to accommodate renovation projects or new builds and a variety of double and triple glazing options, the 5000S provides a solid range of features across the board. The multi-chamber, steel reinforced profile offers excellent burglary protection and sound absorption properties. A huge range of colours and decor possibilities allow the windows to be individually tailored to match your specific project.

The Ideal 8000S

Our Ideal 8000S profiles combine energy efficiency and affordability with the flexibility of extensive customisation to offer homeowners an excellent price-performance ratio. The 8000S comes in a larger 85 mm depth compared to the 5000S  making it well suited to new construction, but renovation as well. With the ability to achieve Uw-values of 0.81 W/m2K with triple glazing and warm edge spacers, the 8000S can achieve near passive house values (Passive House is 0.80 or less) saving you money every month and quickly paying for itself. Best of all, this premium performance does not come at a premium price! Additional glazing and hardware features for increased security, soundproofing, privacy and more are available meaning the window can be tailored to your exact size, shape, functional and aesthetic requirements.

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