Modern roller shutters provide much more than simple sun-protection. They offer thermal insulation, sound insulation and even improve burglary protection. Furthermore, rolled-down shutters effectively protect a window from wind and weather – especially crucial when timber windows are installed. Modern designs, attractive aesthetics and several installation modes provide a solution for any project.

Front Mounted Roller Shutters

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine windows without some form of shutters or blinds. In Europe, roller shutters are standard today due to their superior flexibility and functionality compared to traditional curtains, blinds and wood shutters. Roller shutters can quickly provide shade in the summer and reduce heat gain as well as improve a window’s insulation in winter by up to 20%. Moreover, they have the added benefit of protecting the window from things like flying objects during a storm or tree branches. For older homes without roller shutters, or those in countries where they are still uncommon, there is a simple solution: mounted roller shutters. These can easily be mounted on the exterior for existing windows in virtually any type of building or facade. They can be painted or plastered over to blend in or painted to accent your home and give it a new look. We offer a variety of different systems that can be retrofitted with ease.

Top Mounted Roller Shutters

Nowadays, no window should be without roller shutters. Whereas curtains, shades and old-fashioned shutters have been standard for many years, today’s technology eliminates the need for them and all the required cleaning, installation, repairs and so forth. Top mounted roller shutters are installed directly in the facade above your window either during construction or can also be retrofitted. They provide superior shade, noise reduction, insulation and security all without taking up extra space inside or outside or requiring you to drill holes and mount fixtures in the walls. Unlike all other options, they can provide complete darkness when rolled down in contrast to curtains for example which make them particularly well suited to bedrooms. Made of either aluminium or uPVC, they protect both your window and your home while adding a level of convenience not found in older solutions. There’s a reason they are standard in most of Europe and gaining popularity elsewhere.

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