When it comes to unique shapes, Timberline has mastered all the angles and curves. Please contact us if you have any question.

Custom Shapes

WHEN IT COMES TO UNIQUE SHAPES, NORWOOD HAS MASTERED ALL THE ANGLES AND CURVES. Show your dealer your ideas and we’ll take it from there.

Design possibilities

design customs

Octagon Windows

THIS HISTORICAL EIGHT-SIDED WONDER was one of the first decorative shapes to make a come-back and still remains octogonepopular. Choose operating or fixed.

file Download the Architectural Detail Files

Oval and Circle Windows

NOW THAT THE ARCHITECTS HAVE SEEN HOW VERSATILE WE ARE, they have us running circles around the competition with some of the most beautiful windows we have ever produced. Look around your home and make plans for a chance to make a special statement in curving wood and glass. Circle Units can be ordered as operable, complete with a push bar stay or designed as a Venting Rotary Window.

file Download the Architectural Detail Files

Extended Quarter-Rounds and Half-Rounds

THE EXTENDED QUARTER-ROUNDS ARE PERFECT COMPANIONS TO CASEMENTS, extended quarter roundPICTURES AND EXTENDED HALF-ROUNDS. The Extended Half-Round is often seen with Extended Quarter-Rounds, Quarter-Round/Casement Combinations or simply between Casements or Pictures. “Ask your dealer about creating combinations which include many Norwood products in Extended Quarter-Round or Extended Half-Round shapes.

Design posibilities

Quarter-Rounds and Half-Rounds

USEFUL “BUILDING BLOCKS” IN MANY CREATIVE FEATURE WINDOWS.Quarter-Rounds can be used alone or stacked conveniently with other Norwood products. quarter roundHalf-Rounds work well alone or in combination with many rectangular shapes. Norwood’s Awnings, Casements, Pictures, Single or Double Hungs, Garden and Patio Doors are ready to be topped off with a Half-Round.

Design posibilities

Elliptical Windows

THE CROWNING GLORY to many fine feature windows, the Elliptical is a welcome addition to Entrances, Garden, French or Patio Doors, Casement Windows and other combinations. An elegant sunrise grille is optional. Ellipticals come in many different height profiles. Remember to consider restrictive ceiling heights when ordering.

Design posibilities

Camber-Top Windows

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. What do you get when you take our best-selling Casement, Hung, Picture or Fixed windows and add some stylish curves? The answer is Norwood Camber-tops. Camber-tops can be mixed and matched with each other in a variety of shapes and sizes, or used in conjunction with the straighter lines of our standard windows to create a heightening effect that draws the eye upward. Their curved proportions are particularly dramatic when found over an entrance. Don’t box yourself in. Free yourself from the straight and narrow with Norwood Camber-tops.

Design possibilities

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