Fiberglass windows are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, durable, cost-effective, and not least of all – beautiful!


  • Fiberglass needs no reinforcement (in most applications) and its high strength-to-weight ratio also means you get structural strength without the added weight.
  • Fiberglass’s hardness means smooth hardware operation and helps the home security features.


  • Pultruded fiberglass is one of the best insulators in the profile market.
  • Fiberglass has a low U-Value, meaning you use less energy to heat or cool your home.
  • A low rate of heat transfer also means a high resistance to condensation and noise.


  • Fiberglass’s tensile strength permits slimmer designs with larger glass area for a given opening or frame size, providing more natural light and allowing heat gain in cold months.


  • Fiberglass is impervious to moisture, extreme heat, cold or acidic conditions.
  • When finished, Fiberglass will not corrode or degrade with exposure to UV rays, salt, chemical or acid rain conditions, making it an excellent choice for coastal areas and extreme southern exposures.
  • Fiberglass windows retain dimensional stability throughout extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • With an 80 year service life expectancy, fiberglass is the economical choice for longevity.


  • Fiberglass will not rot, peel or warp and is impermeable to moisture.
  • Requires little more than a regular cleaning.

Norwood Permaglass windows come in all of today’s popular styles including casement, single-hung, double-hung and slider.


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