When it comes to other window styles, Timberline has mastered all the angels and curves.

Slider Windows

These smooth operators can have one sash fixed and one operating with a secure meeting stile lock in the center, only a half screen is required. This window type is great for deck applications as it does not interfere with traffic or furnishings.

Picture Windows

LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN… BEAUTIFULLY Norwood has improved on the standard design of our Direct Set picture window, giving it an even cleaner, more esthetically pleasing appearance. A popular choice for commercial applications, frequently used in residential designs, this enhanced design – used singularly or in combination with other units – allows for a more streamlined affect.

Please note that our previous design is still available upon request.

file Download the Architectural Detail Files

Awning Windows

THE IDEAL WINDOW DESIGNED TO PROVIDE PROTECTED VENTILATION.Our awning windows allow the fresh air in, while keeping out the rain. And this window’s exceptional weatherstripping means wind is never a problem. Wind pressure actually enhances the seal.

file Download the Architectural Detail Files


Get great ventilation in any kind of weather with a Norwood Hopper Window used alone or in combination with other windows. Choose from Lever Lock or Transom Catch styles of locking hardware in finishes shown.

Lever Lock
Transom Catch

file Download the Architectural Detail Files

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