Aluminium Clad UPVC Windows

Aluminium excels at not just standing up to the elements but continuing to maintain a fantastic appearance with minimal upkeep. UPVC, probably the most widely used material in new windows and doors today, boasts excellent insulation abilities and functionality. Together, aluminium clad uPVC windows provide a premium, modern look for your façade, with great energy efficiency, virtually no maintenance and all at a low cost.

The TwinSet 5000S

The TwinSet 5000S delivers a great balance of price and performance. With its tough, sleek aluminium exterior and energy efficient uPVC frame, the TwinSet 5000S offers a wide variety of custom colour, glazing, noise reduction and security options to choose from. As a good middle ground between plain uPVC and aluminium clad wood, the TwinSet offers premium aesthetics and solid thermal performance at a great price.

The TwinSet 8000s

The TwinSet 8000s offers some of the best insulation values today in an attractive and modern look. The combination of aluminium cladding, advanced uPVC frame and fine German fittings make it a high performance window that will enhance your house and save money for years to come. Its 6 internal chambers, multiple sealing levels and aluminium shell allow Uw-values down to 0.80 meeting Passive House standards. While lowering your monthly bills, it will also keep you safe with its tough metal exterior and German security hardware with a range of further security upgrades possible. Aluclad uPVC offers all the advantages of each material with none of the drawbacks.

The Twinset View

Our windows are available with a wide variety of features and advantages: Timeless design, premium material, proper energy insulation and reliable security. A TwinSet View window offers all of these at affordable prices. Composite frames combine the advantages of low weight and energy efficient uPVC with robust and weather-proof attributes of light metal. Enjoy the TwinSet View system and its high-quality materials, modern design and a large colour selection from the RAL scale, available for individual customisation.

The TwinSet Energeto View

Windows can be so much more than just glass and a frame. The TwinSet Energeto View delivers beautiful minimalist design along with advanced European energy-efficiency. Give your facade a facelift with this modern German profile while saving energy and money every month. The Energeto View can reach Passive House values without sacrificing aesthetics, durability or security. Its robust aluminium cladding and precision made uPVC frame feature strong thermal performance without the weight or cost of solid wood or metal. Our wide range of custom options enables you to configure the exact insulation, security and design features you require.

The Twinset Energeto 5000

The Twinset Energeto 5000 takes the thermal performance of aluminium clad vinyl a step further. With Ultradur® High Speed reinforcement replacing the traditional steel reinforcement and unique insulation foam technology, the Twinset raises the bar in terms of energy efficiency, insulation performance and value for money. It can easily save you money every month on energy bills and combined with custom colour, glazing and security options, is the perfect all-round window choice.

The TwinSet Energeto 8000ED

The TwinSet Energeto 8000ED combines excellent insulation, noise reduction and security properties into a single, premium window. Its tough, aluminium cladding coupled with carbon-fibre internal reinforcements make it both incredibly secure and weather-resistant. With 6 chambers, a 90 mm window depth and high-pressure precision insulating foam, the Energeto 8000ED easily surpasses Passive House standards ensuring maximum energy efficiency. For budget-conscious projects requiring the best energy performance and aesthetics, the TwinSet Energeto 8000ED cannot be beat.

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