Patio doors create a brighter living space and seamless connection between interior and exterior. Whether you’re looking for classic timber patio doors, upvc or even premium aluminium clad timber or upvc, Neuffer can develop a custom built solution for you. Patio doors can transform a room, bringing in more natural light, creating great views and allowing you to enjoy your garden or yard from the inside too . We offer four different types based on function which can then be further customised by material, colour, glazing, size and shape. Today’s precision engineered patio doors can be made far larger than before creating huge panoramic views. Neuffer offers extraordinary design flexibility to ensure your project shines.

Bifold Doors

Unlike sliding doors where only half the total area can be opened, folding doors open completely and create large panoramic openings into your garden or yard. Bifold doors consist of two or more door connected panels that open concertina style, folding away flat to one side when open. Folding patio doors are the best way to get the most natural light and largest uninterrupted views. Neuffer offers you a wide range of RAL colour options, finishes, frame styles and sizes to craft a bespoke solution to your project.

French Doors

French doors consist of one or two hinged casements designed to swing open like a window and are most typically used for balconies and patios. They link your interior with the exterior and create a larger uninterrupted space than a standard door making them ideal for areas with more traffic such as access to the garden. Neuffer offers a range of customisation options including colours, styles, materials, glass, fittings and more. Regardless of what you choose, your French door will be designed and built specifically for your project.

Lift and Slide Doors

Transform your living space with more natural light and large openings. Our stunning lift and slide doors are bold, beautiful and come equipped with the finest German made fittings. With premium design and excellent energy performance, they add style, flexibility and security to any home while emphasizing your home’s connection to the outdoors. Neuffer offers four frame materials, custom sizes, colours and glazing to meet your architectural and performance needs.

Tilt and Slide Doors

High quality construction, thermal integrity and ease of use are all standard characteristics of our tilt and slide doors. At first glance, they are visually similar to regular patio doors. However, they bring the functionality of tilt and turn windows to patio doors. Advanced German made frames offer strength, durability and low maintenance. Custom built to whatever sizes your project calls for, these doors become signatures in every home. With the turn of a simple ergonomic handle, you can choose between sliding the door horizontally or tilting it inwards for ventilation. Neuffer tilt and slide doors are a premium solution for those wanting space saving doors with modern functionality.

uPVC Lift and Slide Doors

uPVC Lift and Slide Doors
uPVC Lift and Slide Doors

Let the light in with our high performance uPVC lift and slide doors. With impressive insulation performance, long term durability and custom colour, design and hardware options, uPVC doors represent great value for money for those seeking to maximise performance on a budget. Each comes equipped with heavy duty German made fittings and are a breeze to slide open. Whether replacement or new construction, energy savings or certified passive house, Neuffer’s custom built doors offer the flexibility and insulation values to cover any project’s needs.

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